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Only Crewmates can complete assignments, hence visual jobs are extremely essential. If you observe someone perform a visual job, such as a scan in the MedBay or Laboratory, you may be confident that they are safe. In other words, if you undertake visual activities without the presence of other players, you are effectively decreasing your odds of winning. Some players even consider the existence of visual chores to be 'overpowered,' therefore don't get rid of them. You may even use them to establish your innocence after an emergency meeting if you save them.


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To win the game as a detective crew member, follow these tips:

Common responsibilities

Check Crewmate Locations Using the Admin Table

This feature on the Mira HQ map maintains track of every player who passes by a sensor. On the map, there are three sensors. This record can assist you in determining who was where at the time of a murder and who was lying. It's worth noting that the Door Log only displays the last 20 events. This can be useful for spotting imposters who may activate two sensors at different ends of the map.

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In Among Us, a player is chosen as the Imposter.

If you follow these principles, you will be the best investigator in the game! Do you want a little more advice? Insiders say "lime" and "cyan," not "light green" and "light blue." Even better, because Among Us 2 has been canceled, there is no need to relearn the game for the sequel. Many of these abilities will also transfer to games like Among Us, so we have truly excelled here.

Imposter Guide Among Us

Check the rooms you pass through for dead bodies as you race towards your mission. If everyone in the Crew is entirely engaged on their job, it may take some time before a body is discovered. You not only give the Imposter plenty of time to murder again, but all proof will be gone.

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Vents are a fantastic method to go about, especially if you've confined someone in a room, but everyone who sees you will recognize you as the Impostor. If someone watches the animation for an Imposter bursting out of a vent, it is pretty evident.

The greatest strategy for crewmates to combat the killing is to keep together while also preventing the impostors from murdering in the dark. Turn on the lights and keep them on while everyone completes their responsibilities.

One crew member should then swap off with the light monitor to complete their assignment. In any case, keeping the lights on will compel the impostors to seek out more difficult kills on the huge Polus battlefield, which is more open by default. It might also fool impostors into thinking the lights would go off, allowing them to kill in public and being caught. It's not perfect, but every little bit helps.

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Crewmate Suggestions for Winning

Tips from Among Us for New Players



If a player is rambling a lot, this can be a good way for the Impostor to shift blame onto that crewmate. Rambling looks suspicious, as does talking too much. New players tend to talk a lot in a bid to express their innocence, and the Impostor can take advantage of this and use it to accuse and cast doubt on that player.

Vitals on Polus are Present Among Us

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While some sabotage may compel crewmates to halt what they're doing, others just make navigating a map or locating an escape more difficult. Trapping crewmates by closing doors can be advantageous in Polus since players must physically unlock the doors.

Imposter Among Us

(261).png is a screenshot.

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The cameras on Skeld and Polus, like the Door Log, provide information on everyone's whereabouts. You can even catch a murderer off guard. When you are viewing the cameras, more experienced imposters will notice the blinking light. You can, however, use it as well. Take a step away from the camera, then return. Hopefully, the Imposter mistook you for someone else and is now revealing themselves to be a murderer.

If you want to win the game, you need be aware that imposters can exploit the vents. The vents are linked.

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This is quite crucial. If one more murder reduces the number of Crewmates to the same as the number of Impostors, you have won the game! Simply assassinate another Crewmate as quickly as possible.

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There is a kill cooldown timer, so you can't just kill whenever you want. If it involves trailing someone for 15 seconds, don't go in for the kill.

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If an imposter is undermining the station, you may need to run to a certain chamber to repair the broken equipment. The Imposters can easily win if the entire squad ignores the O2 and Reactor occurrences. So, in these cases, swiftly follow the arrows that show on your map and collaborate with the rest of the team to clear them. Closing doors and turning off lights are examples of sabotage. It is possible to repair the lights, but Crewmates have little control over the doors until they reopen, other than hope they aren't trapped in a room with an Imposter.

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It's one thing to stay safe and on task as a Crewmate, but you're looking for the greatest Among Us plan for working secretly as the Imposter. I've put up this Among Us guide to assist you get started, whether you're an honest Crewmate or a shady Imposter.

Regularly monitor Vitals

You'll have distinct Crewmate alibis if you operate independently, but you can vouch for each other if your stories are credible. When there are few Crewmates remaining at the conclusion of the game, or when they are near to completing all assignments, joining up with the other Imposter can rapidly terminate the game. Choosing a sabotage that helps both of you, like as turning off the lights, might result in a double death. This guarantees you're making the most of your cooldown time.

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When in doubt, abstain from voting.

Another reliable method for keeping track of other crewmates and their activities is to utilize the table in the Admin room, which is located directly outside the south Decontamination Room. While the table does not directly inform the player where everyone is, it does tell you whether or not there is a person in a room and, if so, how many people are in there.

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Lock players in, trigger errors... anything to keep them from finishing their job. Locking players in together might also raise suspicions. Make a plan for it. To be safe, you may even lock yourself up with someone you don't want to kill.


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