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Leave Enemy Dog Tags Alone in Battle Royale

How to Purchase Cp Points in Cod Mobile


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Customize your HUD in COD Mobile based on the configuration you're using.

There are two maps in battle royale: Isolated and Alcatraz, and you may play in first or third person, alone, couple, or squad.


Tactical goods such as smoke grenades can aid build cover, whilst harmful things like as cluster bombs can wreak havoc and force opposing campers to escape their hiding area. Players frequently forget they have grenades and rush into gunfights without considering how to provide cover or clear out a structure with their tactical and deadly weaponry.

In Call of Duty Mobile's battle royale mode, you may pilot a helicopter. However, it is recommended that you only fly the helicopter when playing single and not in squads. The opponents can shoot at the helicopter, and if you're playing as a squad, the opponents firing at the aircraft can be overpowering and cause the helicopter to crash. However, while the safe zone is diminishing, it may be advantageous to arrive fast.

Understanding the Battle Pass and the awards system

Stick to the Rotation in Multiplayer

Take note of the weapon stats: The alterations you make aren't simply for show; they affect the weapon's qualities. That might be the accuracy, damage, or mobility. The values will shift from green to red to indicate the alterations you'll make to that weapon. This allows you to change weapons to fit your playing style, such as enhancing mobility if you want to play fast and close, or increasing damage and range if you prefer to battle from a distance.

8. Become familiar with the numerous throwables available.

Precision shots may be used to knock down VTOLs and stealth choppers. Players wielding LMGs or explosive arrows (using the Sparrow skill, for example) may easily dispatch these beasts with a few bullets.

While engaged in gunfights, players must always try to seek shelter behind the obstacles placed throughout the battlefield. It allows the player to avoid enemy gunfire while also allowing you to securely reload your weapon in the middle of a combat.


4,000 points equals $50.

Practice Mode. If you're new to Call of Duty Mobile or just having trouble with the controls, the game offers two different ways to practice. Under the multiplayer's Game Mode Selection, you can find a tab that says Practice. Here you can choose to practice your aim at a firing range, or you can play multiplayer matches against AI bots.

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Today we have the Top 10 Pro Tips and Tricks that will help you stay ahead of your opponents and improve your game performance. Some of these hints are utilized by professional Call of Duty Mobile players in the game.

In order to win a match, players do not have to actively kill other players. More clever players may amass their armament quietly while exploring the map. Essentially, players should swap hiding areas as the fatal circle draws more survivors together. As a result, players only face other opponents when absolutely required.

Levels \sPlayers\sFriends

If you wish to play with your friends, you may be interested in using voice chat, which is quite easy. Simply choose 'Multiplayer' from the homescreen and then press the little microphone in the bottom left corner.

This class provides you with two unique benefits. You have the option of establishing a medical station. This will form a circle around your character and heal your teammates when they stand within it. The second advantage is that it will take your character 25% less time to resurrect a teammate who has been knocked down.

Cod Mobile Skins For Free And Cp

Just like choosing the proper firearms and classes is vital, choosing the appropriate modifications might offer you an edge. Mods can be obtained as ground loot, and the following is a list of them, along with a brief explanation and the weapon types that they work best with. Mods, like weaponry, have varied degrees of rarity, and the rarer the mod, the better it is. Here are the modifications that are presently available in the game.

Call of Duty's nukes are a must-have item. The nuclear countdown soundtrack is one of the most terrifying sounds in online shooters. In the other hand, there are few experiences in online shooters that match to the elation of earning one and killing everyone on the map.


Going ahead in a squad game, choosing the proper class will be critical since strategies will be dependent on the abilities of the various classes. When playing in squad mode, make a plan for how you want to approach the game and choose the proper class for your character based on it.

Call of Duty: Mobile has a plethora of weapons that you can gather and improve, as well as apply skins and customize your loadouts for multiplayer battles.

There are also rated multiplayer battles, which will switch between game types and maps.

Make a beautiful smoke grenade: Smoke grenades are actually quite handy. Obviously, if the enemy has you held down, but if there's a sniper in a building you can't get through, smoke out the room by launching the grenade through the window. Alternatively, dump smoke to provide cover while fleeing an invincible respawned attacker. It's also quite beneficial in Domination when you're seizing an area and you don't want the enemies to notice you.

Get a 20-kill streak.

1 out of 2

So, if your phone supports Ultra HD graphics but only produces a low FPS, it is recommended that you alter the graphic option. You might consider keeping the graphics on HD or medium so that your phone can render all of the frames and provide you with a seamless experience. But, more importantly, if you play at a higher FPS, your taps on the screen will be recorded in the game faster, giving you an advantage over the other players. It is usually recommended to keep your FPS over player at a higher visual setting.

Tips for COD Mobile Battle Royale

Stabilizer Mods: Reduces recoil and increases flinch stability so that your bullets stay on target even when struck. (SMGs and ARs)


Join a clan and participate in Clan Wars. Joining a clan and participating in Clan Wars lets you compete with other players to win extra rewards in Call of Duty Mobile.

15. Use your gaming expertise to rack up more and more victories.


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Every Specialization Explained in Division 2

Get Free Cp In Call Of Duty Mobile Without Verification

Controller support is included in Call of Duty: Mobile, although it is only available when you are in a match. To browse the major menus, you'll need to utilize the usual touch interface.

Hijacked tip: If you play on the Hijacked map (the boat), there is a secret route through the boat that will carry you from one end to the other. This can put you ahead of your opponent, allowing you to level the score. Simply enter the cabin and search for the hole on the floor.

Log in with Facebook or your Call of Duty account: Because there is no username/password login, you must use Facebook, your Call of Duty Activision Account, or play as a guest. If you utilize Facebook login, you will be able to migrate your profile to a different device, such as a tablet, if you buy a new phone or wish to play on a tablet, as you would with an Activision account.

The Call of Duty franchise is one of the most well-known in the current gaming age. The series is available on a variety of devices and has previously experimented with mobile. Call of Duty: Mobile was published for Android and iOS devices on October 1, 2019, bringing the competitive world of first-person online shooters to mobile devices in a way that few have attempted before. So we figured it was about time to give you some Call of Duty: Mobile advice.

Call of Duty: Mobile does an excellent job of translating Activision's renowned first-person shooter. Check out these expert tactics for the finest kills!

In contrast to multiplayer, when hitting the deck meant dying in the mud, in battle royale you can hide and wait until your opponent is within range before confronting them. It truly works.

1. Always experiment with headglitches.

It might be tempting in a team deathmatch to just meet the opponent halfway and go all-out in the combat. The problem is that this increases the chances of the opponent scoring more points and winning the match. Instead, players should avoid needless aggression and fight only when absolutely required. Remember that in time-based team deathmatches, the highest score wins, even if both teams scored poorly.


Well-coordinated teams should aim to outlast the opponent by only engaging from a position of strength. This means that players should only assault an adversary if they are certain they will win or if backup is on the way. Similarly, a team might take advantage of an aggressive adversary by retreating and catching them off guard.

Maximize Specializations in Battle Royale

Switch to FPV: If you frequently play multiplayer and are accustomed to the first-person perspective, you may switch to it with a tap instead of the third-person view.

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Complete daily missions. Daily missions are usually simple challenges like playing a match of multiplayer or battle royale. Completing these easy tasks will reward you with things like XP progression, Weapon XP cards, and more.

Call of Duty Mobile is a free-to-play mobile shooting game. It is a fast-paced mobile game with a lot of fun and new stuff added every season. According to Activision, this game has received over 500 million downloads globally. According to Activision, this resulted in "tens of millions of new gamers" for the mobile game.

There are probably many mobile players out there who have never played Call of Duty: Mobile, therefore we have lots of Call of Duty: Mobile advice for you. These tips will assist you in becoming acquainted with the game and a master of multiplayer. Oh, and after you're done here, check out our COD Mobile codes page for some valuable freebies.

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