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Gold is the most important currency in Clash Royale. Players earn an amount by winning battles. You can also earn gold in free daily chests or clan chests. The more battles you win, the more chests you can unlock. Some take three hours to unlock, others take eight and even 12 hours. Start unlocking before you leave the game for a long time, like before going to sleep. It's a long wait, but it's worth it. The Crown Chest distributes more gold.

keep your deck varied


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Part 2: Record Clash Royale using iOS Screen Recorder

It’ll be easier to pull the Pekka to the opposition lane and you’ll be able to do considerable damage to the giant.

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Spend Gold Wisely

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Towers are your best defenders. They shoot fast, they do a lot of damage, they have a big range and they’re always there, ready to defend.

Pick another player who’s really good at that deck and play with them. Compare your decision-making with them. Watch them play and observe

Don’t activate the king

If you're playing a tank deck (Giant, Golem, Lava Hound), build your push slowly from the back. This way you'll be unstoppable.

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Don’t overcommit on defense, space out your troops

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In the early stages of Clash Royale, most players don't have any spells, but within a week or so of play you'll probably have the Freeze spell and then in arena 3-4 you'll have the Rage spell. A freeze, as you expect, will freeze everything. This is one of those cards worth keeping until the end and using accurately for a last-minute surprise onslaught and an instant victory.

Use Clones

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Although this defense was not perfect, you were able to prevent most of the damage by spacing the Wizard out of the Poison range.

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If you wait on 10 elixir while your opponent plays, you're giving him the advantage. Then he'll defeat you more easily.

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Part 8: Go After Huge Towers

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Adapt quickly or take a break from the game to stop losing and hurting your rating. Stop, breathe and come back later to re-study your cards and think of strategies. You can't follow a “cake recipe” and try to copy exactly what you see on the internet. So, take some tips, adapt what's best for you, and discard what doesn't work.

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Clash Royale is a Supercell game and is available guidance on iOS e Android. Now, tell us what you think of the tips in the comments. Did they help you win? Contact us and enjoy to read more about games Mobile on our website.


Defense Over Offense

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With the help of the towers, you can defend enemy units more easily and gain advantage.

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