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Character Height Matters



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AR 10: Codes. You can now redeem Genshin Impact codes.

Use Statues Of The Seven To Heal

Genshin Impact Free Primogems For Beginners

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Jean and Diluc from Genshin Impact standing in front of Mondstadt Cathedral

AR 28: Serenitea Pot. This unlocks the "A Pot Called Home" quest, which gives you a teapot item that contains its own realm, letting you build a house, grow plants, and keep fish.

Genshin Impact Free Primogems

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I know it may seem harsh to start off a tips guide with this, but it’s important for your livelihood. We’ll get to more tips about how to navigate this system further down the article.

Mark Shrines And Oculi As They're Found

Each hero has their own elemental attack, which is more powerful and can do damage to enemies weak to them. Combining different elements - using Pyro when it's raining causes Vaporize damage - can be even more effective.

You also need to know how to build characters towards their role in your party. Every good team has a healer, a damage-dealer, and some support, whether that means shields, abilities that boost attack, or even create more powerful reactions, as with Anemo characters. Choosing a decent weapon and artifact set isn't too hard, though, you just need to think about the character's role in your party. It can also help to read through their talents, as this gives you an idea of what stat their abilities level with, which allows you to prioritise.

Elemental Reaction Chart

You could roll once on a Banner, and get extraordinarily lucky, but the odds are you won’t. You're guaranteed a four-star weapon or character at 10 Wishes, and guaranteed a five-star weapon/character at 90 Wishes. Since you only earn about 60 Primogems per day, not including bonus gems during events, it can take between two and three days to earn enough Primogems to wish on a Banner. If you’re buying Primogems, then you're spending about $2.60 per wish, $26 for a ten-pull, and $234 for 90 rolls to guarantee a 5-Star unit. With a new Character Event Banner circulating every three weeks or so, you are going to be spending astronomical amounts of cash trying to acquire every unit as they're introduced.

Genshin Impact is a Gacha game no doubt, with the most obvious tell being the Wish system where players roll the odds to see if they'll unlock a 5-star character/weapon. Of course, people can throw money at this game and roll as many times as they want, but there is a pretty well-developed in-game loop for getting Primogems (the currency for wishing) without spending a dime.

AR 27: Domains of Mastery. These domains offer materials for ascending characters to new level caps and levelling their talents.

Artifacts determine your build

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Resin is a mechanic in Genshin Impact similar to energy in other games. It recharges after a few hours and is used for various activities. The current Resin amount can be seen on the top right when checking the map.

Switching between characters during a battle can help you master your attacks and elemental combinations better. Combining different elemental characters yields various reactions, which can often turn an unwinnable battle back in your favor. For instance, combining wind with fire, water, frost or lightning increases the spread of the attack and damage dealt with that element, making it excellent for crowd control. Having similar-element characters can also yield some advantages. For example, two wind characters boost stamina, while two fire elemental characters boost attack damage by 25%. So your exploring party can have two wind characters, even if they both remain largely unused, just to make it easier to explore around.

Claim Achievements

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This banner is everpresent

Five-star weapons are excellent, and you're bound to get some from the Standard Banner. That said, don’t sneeze at three- or four-star weapons. When you first start your adventure, do not hesitate to improve and refine a three-star weapon to carry you through early Adventure Ranks. Weapons, such as the White Tassel spear and Slingshot bow are common, but possess potent special effects that make them surprisingly useful at lower levels. The White Tassel, for instance, increases your normal attack damage. Refining this weapon by feeding it other weapons of the same type boosts the damage further, up to 48 percent. That's not too shabby for a low-tier weapon.

With such a big RPG to explore, a few Genshin Impact tips are going to smooth your journey into this gacha open world full of quests, primogems and wishes. Think Zelda: Breath of the Wild mixed with Dragon's Quest but even more anime. There's a big map to explore, regular events to boost your winnings and basically a lot of stuff to do. Some Genshin Impact tips are definitely going to make life easier.

Arm your weapons!

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Don’t Waste Primogems on the Standard Banner

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It's easy to forget Sigils even exist. They're a type of regional currency earned from chests or sometimes found while exploring and, if you're like me, you probably are hoarding them for some inexplicable reason. Stop that. The sigil store (there's one in Mondstadt and Liyue) offers a finite selection of ascension materials, mora, weapon blueprints, and constellations for the Traveler. Don't be like me and horde your sigils for no good reason.

Although this will require the player to have their squad around level 40-45, it's one of the first big goals that new players should set. Xiangling is usable in many great team combinations and has exceptionally high damage.

Genshin Impact build: Equip your party

Get Barbatos Ratatouille

Complete Achievements

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Upgrade Your Party

The Battle Pass is a great feature in Genshin Impact that is unlocked at level 20. It offers a free and a premium version and both have great rewards, overall. In addition, Genshin Impact features daily and weekly missions that provide Battle Pass XP, allowing players to progress faster through the tiers.

Headshots aren't just for first-person shooters. It's usually worth your while to start off combat with a ranged character (like Amber, your archer friend) since they can land a few precision strikes to capitalize on the distance between them and their enemies. Also consider climbing - yes, it's that important - to get a better shot before you engage. The game also likes to kindly leave explosive barrels near some enemy camps, which can just give you the edge before the enemy even realizes the battle has started.

Watch Your Adventurer's Rank

Genshin Impact How Many Free Primogems

Artifact Equip Screen In Genshin Impact


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Elemental Bursts Can Be Used To Dodge Damage

Developer miHoYo has boasted over 20 million preregistered players. According to mobile analytics firm App Annie, the mobile game saw 17 million downloads in its first four days of release. That doesn’t include installations on PC and PlayStation 4, ports that brought global market attention to a historically mobile-only genre.

Get Xiangling Early

I know I praised the game last week and also called the drop rates for the gambling portion of the game “egregious.” But I also want to stress this point: This game is straight up gambling, with no monetary reward at the end of each roll. If you have a history of gambling or spending addiction, I advise that you steer away from this title, even if it’s free. The success rates for a good five-star character or weapon are abysmally low (less than 1 percent), and it’s designed to be unlucky and very expensive. And even if you have a good pull, it’ll either not be the thing you want, or a duplicate of something you already have, which has its worth, but for cold hard cash.

Spend your Original Resin as you get it, or convert it to Condensed Resin

Check the Genshin Impact menus for rewards you might have missed

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The way the collectibles work in Genshin Impact can be a tad frustrating. Chests are abundant, so there's really no need to mark them (most of the time), but Oculi are finite, and so are Shrines of Depths. The Oculi are found literally everywhere and are comparable to Korok Seeds from Breath of the Wild in that respect.

You'll be at your best when you're making constant use of your character's primary skills. Cycle through your chosen roster frequently in-battle to get elemental attacks off quickly, causing constant chain reactions for massive damage. It's one reason to build a diverse team.

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